Monthly Archives: May 2012

Another Chance




Recently I got into a fight with my hubby.  It was over something I had not done that he has repeatedly asked me to do, and yet I failed again.  It’s not that I purposely don’t do what he asks, or that I even really realize I am not doing it, I just let the small things get in the way.  I struggle with spending so much time focusing on the small, meanial, UNIMPORTANT things, that I often forget about the bigger, more important things.  And without those important things, well the small things wouldn’t even exist.  I could tell how frustrated and upset my hubby was, and I felt so terrible inside for being the one to cause him to feel this way.  He said ‘I just don’t know what to do’.  I said ‘please give me another chance’.  He replied ‘why?’  My response was a lot less profound and a lot more wordy than the picture I have posted above, but it was what I was trying to get at.  We are not perfect, we will always stumble and falter, even if we don’t want to or are trying not to.  But like each new day is a new chance to change and grow, if we aren’t willing to give others – and especially give OURSELVES – another chance, then what is the purpose of it all?  I’m not saying that we should just not care when others hurt us or fail to fulfil their promises, but it is more about looking beyond the actions and seeing their heart, and being willing to forgive and try again WITH THEM.  God does that for us, every minute of every day, and how can we become like Him unless we are willing to do the same thing for our fellow man?


Value of Time


I struggle with feeling I have enough time in each day, each week, to do all that I want to do.  I rush around every day, trying to accomplish my list of tasks I have created for myself, and usually do so.  But as I fall into bed at the end of the day, I still feel unaccomplished.  I found this quote the other day, and it just struck home.  I spend my days doing all the things that matter least, and the things that matter most get pushed to the side.  My hubby wants to just hang out and cuddle after dinner, but I want to get the dishes done and out of the way.  I take time to clean a barely-dirty apartment, when I don’t take time to sit down and really listen to my hubby, or write in my journal (or on here, for that matter), or ponder on the deeper things of life, or go dancing in the rain.  I want to take time for what is important, I want to MAKE time for what is important, and not sacrifice those things for ANYTHING.