Monthly Archives: April 2012

Enjoy the Ride


A few weeks ago I was on my long drive home, still out in the countryside cruising along at 70 miles an hour, when everyone started slamming on their brakes.  Suddenly everyone was stopped and we all sat there for a good 15 minutes without moving.  After dealing with horrible delays in getting home at Christmas, and then for the whole month of February with the Rodeo going on, I was more than a little irritated that my drive home was not going to be delay-free today.  As I sat there I was lost in my own thoughts, mostly frustration from the hold up, which meant getting home late, eating dinner late, and having less time to spend with my hubby and get the evening chores done before the day was over.

Finally the traffic started moving again, and as I started to move, I glanced over at the vehicles around me.  In the car right next to mine were two young men (early 20’s maybe?  I’m getting old so I can’t tell anymore!) and the one in the passenger seat had a piece of paper in his hands that read ‘What is your phone number?’ 

Suddenly my whole day changed.  The rest of my drive home was an enjoyable one, I couldn’t help but smiling.  Sure, I was flattered that he thought I was ‘cute enough’ to ask for my number, but it was something more.  Here I was sitting in my car just waiting for the time to pass until I could be moving again.  But these two  young men were paying attention to their surroundings (me!) and probably having a great time, despite not being where they had planned to be.

One of my weaknesses is that I spend so much time planning and preparing, that I often miss out on enjoying the moment I am.  The little things, the things that make life so enjoyable and incredible, often pass me by because I’m too busy planning for the big things.  I forget to enjoy the ride.  And since this experience, I have been trying to make the most of every moment.  It has truly bought a peace, a happiness, and a purpose to each day.